Positive Thinking Course One

Saturday, February 3 – Saturday, March 3, 2018
Saturdays 2:00 –3:30 pm
Tuition: $75.00 (Member $65.00)
Membership is $50/year

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Create your own positive furture by controllig your thougts and quieting your mind, the first stage in meditation. 

We will cover theory of Thoughts which will enable you to develop a positive attitude toward life, gain mastery over negative habits and increase self-esteem and confidence, achieving Happiness. This leads on to the theory and practice of meditation.

This course offers many practical tools for empowering yourself, improving everyday life and live in health and positivity. 

Beginners are welcome.


Positive Thinking manual

Essentials of Yoga Practice and Philosophy

Positive Thinking Course Level 1 is offered as a 5-week course meeting once per week.